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Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Dear Parents,

Durango School District 9-R Student Nutrition program is working hard to create a healthier school nutrition environment for your children. We promote healthy eating by offering organic grass finished beef, organic apple products, whole grain foods, a variety of vegetables each week, salad bar, beans, no fried foods, fresh fruit selections everyday and of course local sustainable foods whenever possible.

Addressing nutrition related problems has become a school districts responsibility. As the district teaches and models healthier behaviors, they should also be modeled at home in order to be effective. Together we can establish healthy eating habits early in life to dramatically reduce health risks for our children in the future.

As food services makes changes in the program offering less processed, more from scratch foods, varieties of fruits and vegetables, salad bars and whole grains, here is what you can do at home to help encourage healthy eating habits;

  1. Encourage your child to try new hot lunch items
  2. Eat lunch with your child occasionally
  3. Try different fruits and vegetables at home
  4. Model good behaviors by eating right and exercising regularly
  5. Support the school meal program at your school by having your child participate in breakfast and lunch
  6. Remember to fill out your free and reduced application

Thank you for your support.

To see the nutritional values of your student's breakfast or lunch and to avoid food allergens, click here.

Menus for 2014-15 in PDF Format

Click on the meals in the calendar to be taken to a website that lists nutritional values for our meals, and alerts you to food allergens.

District at a Glance

  • Students: approx 4,500
  • Teachers: 294
    • 12 Years Avg Experience
    • 61% with Master's Degree
  • Support Staff: 193
  • Schools:
    • 7 Elementary Schools
    • 2 Middle Schools
    • 2 High Schools
    • Area Served: 1,039 sq miles

At a Glance

Our Mission

The mission of Durango School District 9-R, an innovative educational system committed to excellence, is to ensure each student develops the skills and attributes for lifelong learning and has the ability to compete and contribute in the global community, by guaranteeing equitable educational opportunities in a safe and healthy environment.

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